Vitalsigns : you are welcome to vitalsignsng, we are very pleased to have you. please Introduce yourself
Dr Sikemi : I'm Dr Sikemi Opabola. A Christian psychiatrist in training from Kwara state. 2nd of 5 children in a monogamous setting

Vital signs: Your big day is in less than a week happy are you? 
Dr Sikemi : I'm super excited because it's a dream come true. I had a list of the  achievements I wanted before my wedding, and I'm happy to say by God's grace that I have them all. I also got the man and the family of my dream. I can't be more excited

Vitalsigns : Can you tell us how you met? 
Dr Sikemi : We work in the same hospital. My first visit to the hospital, I met the president of association of resident doctors at the doctors lounge. He came to the lounge to drink water (which was his first and last time of doing that as it is not his habit. Only God knows why it happened that way). And of course, I was asked to speak with him for information as regards my employment. So friendship began. As soon as I resumed work, we were able to work well as a team and as friends and when he popped the question after a while, I prayed about it and I said yes
first of all  INTRODUCTION 
Vitalsigns : Last week we did an article on waiting...what's your advice to brides and groom in waiting? 
Dr Sikemi: Waiting is not a period to be sad. It's a period to continue to build yourself and never stop praying. Don't ever be discouraged, there is no latecomer in marriage

yipee, we are getting married
Vitalsigns: What are those key things to look for in a man you want to marry 
Dr Sikemi: Marry a man who is God fearing. Marry a man that respects you in all ramifications. That way, your opinions will be respected and you will never be taken for granted. Marry a man you are physically attracted to amongst your personal preferences

Vitalsigns: How did you know he was the one? 

Dr Sikemi : I got my convictions from God after I prayed. And he is so open, sincere and ever supportive
in our scrubs 
Vitalsigns : Can you tell us your honeymoon destination
 Dr Sikemi : He told me it's a surprise

Vitalsigns : Why psychiatry as a speciality? 
Dr Sikemi: It was an instruction given to me by God right from 300L in medical school. I rejected it initially but when God did not change his mind, I agreed and he has been with me every step of the psychiatry journey

Vitalsigns: thanks for having us , we are grateful, your home is blessed already
Dr Sikemi: my pleasure, AMEN 

DR Sikemi was my school mother, and till today she still remains one of my mentor and dearly beloved big sister. she has an enormous capacity to love and care, her fashion sense is top notch, big sis, i wanna be like you when i grow up

CONFESSION: i will marry right by the grace of God, i shall not fall into the wrong hands. 

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