Today I write to you my friend
Which I haven't done in a while
You tell me every day that you love me
But wait, do you know what love is?
Do you know who GOD is?
If you know who God is , you will not find it hard to know what love is
Love is GOD and GOD is love.

Take a walk with me my dear
A walk to 1st Corinthians 13
My dear, with all the skabbashing, if love isn’t found in you, you are but a clanging cymbal
You think you can preach ba, lol, yet you find it hard to love your neighbour, love hasn't taken its full course in you yet
You give to the beggars on your street every weekend, but deep within you, u know it’s not borne out of love, you know it’s to relieve the burden of your guilt from your last hang out
You are not patient with your employees, you aren’t kind to the cleaner at your work place and yet when the man of God says, turn to your neighbor and say you love them , you do so baring your smile, you deceive yourself buddy.
You are selfish, jealous, bitter, Irritable yet you say you know God (love), no you don’t.

I have one special friend, let me introduce you to him
He is love personified
He doesn’t keep records of my wrongs
He isn’t happy when I do evil things, he lovingly corrects me
He never gives up on me, a million times I have wronged him, yet , he lovingly draws me to himself each time
His Love for me is eternal
JESUS is the true definition of love

Let’s do something together, get your bible, open to 1st Corinthians 13, put your name wherever love appears, if what comes after  doesn’t define you, you have work to do. Ask that God fills you with his true love from above
Sometimes loving some set of people is hard? Yes it is, imagine Jesus praying for those persecuting and nailing him to the cross, it was hard, but the Holy spirit helped him, you can’t love without the help of the holy spirit dear.
I implore you today show some love today, in your own little way, feed that hungry girl on your street, pay that tattered boy’s school fees, forgive that teacher that humiliated you, visit that orphanage , just show some love, we can make the world a better place by simply loving ourselves. SELAH

thanks for joining me on this love ride tonight, ANTICIPATE " LOST COIN"


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