Hey there it's been a while...God's goodness and faithfulness has been amazing.
It's not going to be a long post...
Its no news that Valentine's Day is tomorrow.
Wonder why I tagged it a challenge? You will realize why shortly.
I noticed a lot of deaths have occurred this year, from undiagnosed conditions, suicide, accidents and all. Lots of people out there are sad, alone.. Some are at the verge of ending it all.
The challenge is targeted at you, and other people in your life.
For yourself; go for a routine general medical check up, get a massage, take a walk on the beach.. Show some love to yourself.. Live.. Breathe... It's a season of love
For people in your life; 
call at least 5 people you haven't checked up on in a while.. Ask how they are doing, ask if they need anything, prayers, money, a hug, etc.. And meet the needs you can.
Tell somebody, let somebody feel loved this season... It could just  be a listening ear the person ne…

Happy new month to you all!!!!!!  it's been a while sorry for taking so long to put up the next part of the chronicles of a Benue Corper. I am going to to be telling you about benue state in general, what my stay in Benue taught me, and some comments from friends.
 Yes, NYSC finally passed us out on the 18th October in a not so colorful ceremony (they halted the usual ceremony since onset of the insecurities in the state).. Grateful to God for everything.
Benue State has a number of tribes, Tiv, Idoma, Agatu, Igede, Itillo. The majority being the Tiv tribe. I interacted majorly with the Tiv people and I must say they are one interesting group of people. As we all know, Benue state is termed the "food basket of the nation" thus they have a lot of agricultural products.. The major ones I observed being orange, yam, groundnut. So if you want cheap pounded yam and akpu, Benue is the place to be.
Tiv people are one welcoming set of peop…

I had just finished writing a professional exam in Abuja,I was right there on my bed, my cousin whom I was staying with busy sewing her birthday dress; I did my quiet time, prayed, one thing I reminded God of was his word to me at the beginning of the year... What eyes have not seen nor ears heard...
Right after praying, I logged on to social media, IG to be specific, told my cousin how unlucky I have been in all the numerous giveaways. She said nothing specific really.
Thereafter, I saw Frank Edwards post, he was going to release a song soon, and wanted people to guess the title for a prize of 50k, the second picture tells the story.. The first thing that came to mind was Heaven Rocks.. So I typed the reply into his comment section on that particular post. I doubted myself and never thought much about it.
I slept off (stress of the exam I guess)... Only to wake up to a comment someone tagged me in.. Congratulations for what.. I had to go back to the post to be sure... I …

On this Episode, I will be talking about my Outreach experience in Makurdi, Benue state 
Before I start, I want to welcome all my readers back after the long break I took. I hope y'all missed me *winks* me we are back and better. 
To the real gist, right from my undergraduate days, I have always loved being involved in medical outreaches. This was partly because It is one of the pillars of the MISSIONS UNIT of CMDA(Christian Medical and Dental Association), and also my love for the needy. It always seem like the mission outreaches were planned towards the weekend following my end of posting exams in school, tiring but rewarding. 
Fastforward to NYSC in Makurdi, I have attended a total of 4 outreach in Makurdi, three of which was to internally displaced persons (IDP) camps within and outside the state. 
The first picture was caught off-guard by a Nigerian optometrist at an outreach organized by fellowship of Christian optometrist (Nigeria) in co…
My Identity
My name is Jaiyeoba Lois Adejoke.. I am a medical doctor.. really... Is that all I am? Does being Lois shield me from the troubles of life? No. Does having the name Lois keep me from having an identity crisis? No... So who then am I? I am a child of God, my identity is found in Christ.. Yes.. Imagine my name being Lois God.. Yeah... That's awesome right.. That's what it is really.. This is because my life is hid in Christ with God, He is my father and he loves me even in my lowest moments. 
This leads me to the song "Daddy's home" by Travis Greene.. It ministered to me.. Reminded me that I AM is my father, and I belong to him. The lyrics below

God reminded me of the children of Israel and how they wanted a king because everyone else had a king. But what they didn't recognize is that they had the King of kings. And God stopped me in my tracks one day while I was praying and said "Travis quit searching for what you already have. You have the Fath…
A friend gifted me with this beautiful novel few days ago.  Diann mills is my best Christian romantic suspense writer so far, her storyline are far compelling that dropping the book off to do something else will not appeal.  Her other titles which I have read include Attracted to fire Awaken my heart Deadlock Deadly Encounter Double cross Firewall A woman called sage Fire in the ember Some of her books are available freely on I am a book addict, unapologetic about that *winks* Summary of high treason  When Saudi prince Omal Bin Talal visits Houston to seek cancer treatment for his mother,an attempt on his life puts all agency on high alert. FBI special Agent Kord Davidson is the lead on the prince's protective detail because of their longstanding friendship, but he is surprised - none too happy-when the CIA brings one of their operatives,Monica Alden,in on the taskforce after the assassination attempt. Kord and Monica must put aside inter…
NYSC registration is on, my fellow interns were saying all around the hospital. It's the first day and I was still very busy in the theatre. I couldn't register on the first day, so the next day I *tissued* from the hospital to do my NYSC registration. I was tired but fortunately for me there was no queue at the cafe. I quietly chose Benue, Kaduna, Ondo and Delta states.      Fast forward to the night before the posting was out. I had gone out with a friend and as he was about dropping me off at my aunt's , he called poki ,what were the states you chose during your NYSC registration? I told him and he answered and said you will be posted to Benue State. God forbid, I hurriedly said. Me that i was already dreaming of Kaduna. He quietly told me postings of health personnels is done based on need. That said, my dear friend zoomed off.
     I slept well that night until 2am, I switched on my data and saw some messages about the posting..some pe…