Grandpa has been sick, my mum has been worried and getting worked up that I begin to fear for her health, she is a known hypertensive patient. Damola where are you , get me the car keys.  Yes mummy, on my way. She had just finished preparing grandpa's favorite and was going to the hospital to give it to him. Help me greet grandpa o, tell him am going to visit after my exams. Ok darling mummy replied. She drove off while I looked on, the memories came flooding,  when grandpa was still agile, while visiting us, he loved to tell us stories of the wars he fought( grandpa is a retired military man) and showed us the different medals and coins of the different feats. Grandpa would teach us local songs, folklores. How I miss those moments. I was writing my second semester exams, I am a third year student of physiotherapy in one of Nigeria's federal university. 
       A week later I had finished my exams, free free free. I was in the kitchen with my mum as we prepared din…
Today I write to you my friend Which I haven't done in a while You tell me every day that you love me But wait, do you know what love is? Do you know who GOD is? If you know who God is , you will not find it hard to know what love is Love is GOD and GOD is love.
Take a walk with me my dear A walk to 1st Corinthians 13 My dear, with all the skabbashing, if love isn’t found in you, you are but a clanging cymbal You think you can preach ba, lol, yet you find it hard to love your neighbour, love hasn't taken its full course in you yet You give to the beggars on your street every weekend, but deep within you, u know it’s not borne out of love, you know it’s to relieve the burden of your guilt from your last hang out You are not patient with your employees, you aren’t kind to the cleaner at your work place and yet when the man of God says, turn to your neighbor and say you love them , you do so baring your smile, you deceive yourself buddy. You are selfish, jealous,…

Vitalsigns : you are welcome to vitalsignsng, we are very pleased to have you. please Introduce yourself
Dr Sikemi : I'm Dr Sikemi Opabola. A Christian psychiatrist in training from Kwara state. 2nd of 5 children in a monogamous setting

Vital signs: Your big day is in less than a week happy are you? 
Dr Sikemi : I'm super excited because it's a dream come true. I had a list of the  achievements I wanted before my wedding, and I'm happy to say by God's grace that I have them all. I also got the man and the family of my dream. I can't be more excited

Vitalsigns : Can you tell us how you met? Dr Sikemi : We work in the same hospital. My first visit to the hospital, I met the president of association of resident doctors at the doctors lounge. He came to the lounge to drink water (which was his first and last time of doing that as it is not his habit. Only God knows why it happened that way).…

 Hi, Oluwayemisi, i will be getting married in two months time and i will like you to be among my bridesmaid, the cost of the dress and other accessories is 14 thousand naira.  This was Shola telling her university bestie about her upcoming wedding. yipee, ore mi n lo le oko ( my friend is getting married in Yoruba language). Congratulations darling, your home is blessed already, am gonna transfer the money for my bridesmaid dress to your account by evening dear.
Hello mummy, Shola is geting married in two months time and i will be travelling down to lagos from ekiti for her wedding, eehh, congrats to your dear friend, tie naa a de, oko rere oko alayo loluwa ma fun e( yours is on the way, a blessed man is whom God will give you)
At work the monday preceeding the wedding ;Chief, i will like your permission to travel to lagos by friday for a wedding, hmm, you know we are on call that day DR Alimi, anyways inform the consultants and find a way to sort out the call. she informed t…
outpours from my journal 1


I had a long day, this write up is a deviation from my normal troll.
I started an HSE  course today, was a bit down because of some unmet expectations and percieved weakness.
So what did i do, i remembered a friend had sent me an e-copy of one of Francine Rivers novel, titled MASTERPIECE, and so i buried myself in this 1025 paged novel
On completion of the novel a verse of the scripture dropped in my mind 
EPHESIANS 2:10(NLT): for we are God's MASTERPIECE , he has created us ANEW in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Masterpiece by definition is a person's greatest piece of work, as in an art. Anything done with masterly skill.
The novel opened me up to the intricate details of a masterpiece, meaning that God was deliberate with every detail inputed into me at creation.
He created us ANEW ; meaning he took away the "OLD US" because the old us cannot do the good things he planned for us long ago( remem…
I remember vividly a chorus sang as part of the introduction of a church half hour on TV, then NTA ilorin.
beauty for ashes 
the oil of joy for mourning 
the garment of praise 
for the spirit of heaviness
the wordings of this song can be found in Isaiah 63:1 
beauty from ashes? is it possible? a finely moulded cup from a cracked crucible, how possible
one thing i have learnt is to trust God for his word, whether it makes sense to me or not. he honors his words more than his name.
to the crux of this short article, God is willing to give us all a new beginning if we will allow him.
permit me to share some verses on restoration with you.
i hope it blesses you like it blessed me
2nd Kings 8;6--and when the king asked the woman , she told him . so the king appointed unto her a certain officer saying " restore all that was hers and all the fruits of the fields since the day she left the land even until now.
Isaiah  59;18--I have seen his ways and will heal him, i will lea…
Hey there it's been a while...God's goodness and faithfulness has been amazing.
It's not going to be a long post...
Its no news that Valentine's Day is tomorrow.
Wonder why I tagged it a challenge? You will realize why shortly.
I noticed a lot of deaths have occurred this year, from undiagnosed conditions, suicide, accidents and all. Lots of people out there are sad, alone.. Some are at the verge of ending it all.
The challenge is targeted at you, and other people in your life.
For yourself; go for a routine general medical check up, get a massage, take a walk on the beach.. Show some love to yourself.. Live.. Breathe... It's a season of love
For people in your life; 
call at least 5 people you haven't checked up on in a while.. Ask how they are doing, ask if they need anything, prayers, money, a hug, etc.. And meet the needs you can.
Tell somebody, let somebody feel loved this season... It could just  be a listening ear the person ne…