Grandpa has been sick, my mum has been worried and getting worked up that I begin to fear for her health, she is a known hypertensive patient. Damola where are you , get me the car keys.  Yes mummy, on my way. She had just finished preparing grandpa's favorite and was going to the hospital to give it to him. Help me greet grandpa o, tell him am going to visit after my exams. Ok darling mummy replied. She drove off while I looked on, the memories came flooding,  when grandpa was still agile, while visiting us, he loved to tell us stories of the wars he fought( grandpa is a retired military man) and showed us the different medals and coins of the different feats. Grandpa would teach us local songs, folklores. How I miss those moments. I was writing my second semester exams, I am a third year student of physiotherapy in one of Nigeria's federal university. 

       A week later I had finished my exams, free free free. I was in the kitchen with my mum as we prepared dinner for grandpa, my older siblings were working already and I was the baby of the house. Grandpa said he wants to see all his grandchildren and children in a weeks time o, I have put calls across to your siblings and they all promised to be around by next week Wednesday. Yipee , a family get together loading I said, my mum eyed me and returned to slicing the onions.

Thursday evening

       Damola where is your brother Sayo, I think he went to fuel the car.he said he will be back in no time(in my mind, I knew my brother went to see one of the beautiful ladies in my church he liked). Beep beep , the car's horn beeped , it was my mum's sienna car, we chose this so it can accommodate us all. I forgot to add, we lost our dad ten years ago and our mum has been our pillar of love and support, she is a senior secretary at my school. 

        Off we went to grandpa's hospital, by the time we reached there his other children and grandchildren were there already, surrounding him in his room( he was in a private ward and the space was big enough). I had a horrible feeling it might be our last meeting with grandpa. Oh, I forgot to tell you, grandpa has prostate cancer which had metastasized to his spine(spread to his spine, thus he could not walk) and he had lost so much weight.     

        Grandpa started with prayers, he called each of us by name and prayed specifically for us all, by the time he finished we were all in tears. Afterwards, he asked one of us to bring a bag from a corner of his room. He zipped the bag and brought out lots of gold coin. He gave each of us one of these coin and said, I want you to have this, I got them from my many voyage as a military man, each time you look at this I want you to remember me, all my words to you, I also want you to remember that you will not serve money but money will serve you keep it well my dear children. My mum's younger sister brought some refreshment which we gladly  ate together. Two weeks later, my grandpa died. I cried so hard. He was buried 2 months later in a very big ceremony.

        A week after his burial,  we resumed back to school and while arranging my stuffs in my hostel, I noticed I couldn't find my golden coin, I asked my roommates, they said they couldn't find it. I was restless, I can't loose this I told my self. So I overturned my wardrobe, boxes etc in search of it, I got a broom swept through the whole room. 

        Finally I found this coin in one corner of my bed, finally,  I jumped up and shouted ...yes I found it, I cleaned it, kissed it and remembered grandpa. 
The END 

I hope u enjoyed my short story Written in similitude with the parable in Luke 15:8-10 Just like Damola will stop at nothing to find her lost golden coin, so does God come after us with a love so high. Just as the coin is precious to Damola,  so are we precious to God, we are the apple of his eyes, we are engraved in the palms of his hands. God also wants us to stop at nothing in loving people,  showing God's love to them. Show some love today and you will be glad you did.


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