I had just finished writing a professional exam in Abuja,I was right there on my bed, my cousin whom I was staying with busy sewing her birthday dress; I did my quiet time, prayed, one thing I reminded God of was his word to me at the beginning of the year... What eyes have not seen nor ears heard...
Right after praying, I logged on to social media, IG to be specific, told my cousin how unlucky I have been in all the numerous giveaways. She said nothing specific really.
Thereafter, I saw Frank Edwards post, he was going to release a song soon, and wanted people to guess the title for a prize of 50k, the second picture tells the story.. The first thing that came to mind was Heaven Rocks.. So I typed the reply into his comment section on that particular post. I doubted myself and never thought much about it.
I slept off (stress of the exam I guess)... Only to wake up to a comment someone tagged me in.. Congratulations for what.. I had to go back to the post to be sure... I was shocked, short of words, my guess was correct, I won.. Yippee.. Suddenly my IG followers shot up by tens... So many tags to congratulations.. I shouted, my aunt was like, don't scare me jare.. I explained all to her and she equally shared in my excitement. I replied the comments, saying a big thank you.. Frank Edwards asked me to dm account details.. I did immediately my dear.. In my mind, I was like seriously, I am sending a dm to one of Nigeria's most annoited and blessed song minister. He replied my dm asking me to alert him when I get the Bank notification. Please don't ask me for a share of the money.. I already used it to buy a plot of land in my village.. Lol.. Just kidding though..
I decided not to share this story immediately it happened because of some technical difficulties that occurred along the way.
I still can't fathom my guess being correct till now.. Am like oh.. Frank Edwards.. Did I mention that he started following me on IG too.. Oshey.. Na me be the original small girl big God.
Well well, am back in Makurdi city of Benue state
God has been too good.
Lessons learnt 
Bring to his continual remembrance, all the promises he made to you..never give up on that Idea that God gave you. God will surely bring to pass all he has said concerning you. God is never time bound, he is never late, he comes just in time.

To God Almighty,Am nothing without him
To my cousin, your home is a haven for me, the name of this blog came during one of my visits to your place, Thanks for being awesome TAM.. please check her page out
To Frank Edwards, Praise world radio, A big thank you for this great opportunity

To my readers, anticipate this song *Heaven rocks* coz its gonna be  blessing.
Love y'all 


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