So I watched this interesting and inspiring movie last night, I didn't regret the time spent watching.
It is an American Christian drama film written by John Fusco and was released 2017.
The story was centered on Mack Phillips, who after suffering a bad childhood,suffers a family tragedy as an adult causing him to spiral into a deep depression that causes him to question his innermost beliefs. Facing a crisis of faith, he receives a mysterious letter urging him to an abandoned shack in the Oregon wilderness. Despite his doubts, Mack journeys to the shack and encounters an enigmatic trio of strangers led by a woman named Papa. Through this meeting, Mack finds important truths that will transform his understanding of his tragedy and change his life forever.
Lessons learnt 
1. God is able to bring the best out of our most deplorable states or seemingly impossible situations. 
2. God's love heals, restores, mends. It might be hard, you may think he is unjust, wicked, but fact still remains that he loves you and have you in mind. Let his everlasting love permeate your entire being today. 
3. God is seeking for friends not slaves John 15:15.
A song came to mind as the movie was about to end
God of the mountain 
Is still God in the valley 
When things go wrong
He makes them right
God of the good times 
Is still God in the bad times
God of the day
Is still God in the night. 
Let's share other vital lessons learnt from the movie in the comment section. 
Thanks and God bless. 
Below is the download link


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