NYSC registration is on, my fellow interns were saying all around the hospital. It's the first day and I was still very busy in the theatre. I couldn't register on the first day, so the next day I *tissued* from the hospital to do my NYSC registration. I was tired but fortunately for me there was no queue at the cafe. I quietly chose Benue, Kaduna, Ondo and Delta states. 
    Fast forward to the night before the posting was out. I had gone out with a friend and as he was about dropping me off at my aunt's , he called poki ,what were the states you chose during your NYSC registration? I told him and he answered and said you will be posted to Benue State. God forbid, I hurriedly said. Me that i was already dreaming of Kaduna. He quietly told me postings of health personnels is done based on need. That said, my dear friend zoomed off.
     I slept well that night until 2am, I switched on my data and saw some messages about the posting..some people were happy while some bitterly complained. In my mind, I was praying silently. I logged onto my dashboard, downloaded my call up letter and got the shocker 👉
Benue State. Choi... I immediately felt weak, tears did not come o. In the morning I informed my aunt, she prayed for me and dropped me off at the park where I was to join a bus to Ilorin, Kwara state.
    On the following Tuesday which camp was to open, I joined my other colleagues at the park and we boarded a Sienna bus to WANNUNE where Benue camping was.. was the longest journey of my life with terrible roads intervening.
We finally got to camp 10pm...checked in and was allocated. Registration continued the next day...I was too tired to eat that night.
It was then I discovered I brought a box which was too big to camp.

Watchout for part 2
Tissue means to disappear
Poki is the nickname my friend calls me


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