On this Episode, I will be talking about my Outreach experience in Makurdi, Benue state 
Before I start, I want to welcome all my readers back after the long break I took. I hope y'all missed me *winks* me we are back and better. 
To the real gist, right from my undergraduate days, I have always loved being involved in medical outreaches. This was partly because It is one of the pillars of the MISSIONS UNIT of CMDA(Christian Medical and Dental Association), and also my love for the needy. It always seem like the mission outreaches were planned towards the weekend following my end of posting exams in school, tiring but rewarding. 
Fastforward to NYSC in Makurdi, I have attended a total of 4 outreach in Makurdi, three of which was to internally displaced persons (IDP) camps within and outside the state. 
The first picture was caught off-guard by a Nigerian optometrist at an outreach organized by fellowship of Christian optometrist (Nigeria) in conjunction with R. E. T pray love foundation ( a group of Christian optometrist from USA).
The second picture was at the same outreach but was taken after we had concluded the outreach. I am medical doctor (not an optometrist) but that didn't stop me from being of help during the outreach, this particular outreach was to people with eye problems within Makurdi town. The crowd was huge, thank God for the fantastic organization. A lot of people were reached. 
The third picture was of me at the pharmacy section of the CMDA Benue state chapter outreach to internally displaced persons camp at Daodu, Benue state. Someone will be wondering what is she doing at the pharmacy section, well, I choose to be there after assisting with the drug arrangement, plus we had a lot of other doctors to consult. I must confess being at this section gave me time to interact with students and other volunteers. I also learnt some common Tiv terms. This was my second outreach at this particular IDP camp(my first medical outreach in Benue state which was Between NYSC and TIV people worldwide foundation held there).
My second outreach was at IDP camp Agan,makurdi.
What these outreaches taught me
The first is, it brought me in touch with the feeling of helplessness of the displaced persons. Imagine being ousted out of your own home, farmlands because of some killers herdsmen with threats to your life, so pathetic. Also,the state of the camps aren't better too. Overcrowding, easy spread of communicable diseases, malnutrition in children and in even some adults. 
Secondly, I became conversant with common ailments In IDP CAMPS and their treatments.
what are the personal  advantages of outreaches?
It is a CV booster. I have noticed these days that a lot of job application asks for volunteer and community experiences. This is a good Avenue, and will boost your CV greatly.
Also, in the religious part, you are able to reach more people for Jesus,which is our essence (salt and light).
In conclusion, medical outreaches can be very stressful, you will get home tired and all, but you know what, you also get home fulfilled knowing you have played your part. 

Stay tuned for chronicles of a Benue Corper (3)
Also, feel free to drop your comments on your outreach experience and what it has taught you. 


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